Author. Artist. Fishbird. Unicorn

I make work for children, adults and once unicorns.

I write about loss, everyday grief and unexpected mourning.

I write about wonder.

Your being here is pretty wonderful.

Here goes. Writing. Just a small list.

  1. THE SOUND OF SILENCE comes out August 2, 2016 from Little, Brown and Company, and is about a little boy who goes in search of the most beautiful sound. Each month we're releasing a new fantastical sound here, We Doki Doki.
  2. Writing about mourning and my sister, I was a finalist for the 2015 Sustainable Arts Foundation Award!
  3. Deep in two National Geographic anthologies you can find stories of my journeys around Japan. Or if you prefer a small town in Nicaragua, find me in The Christian Science Monitor.
  4. I circle around a lot of the same themes. For Boston's NPR (at 43:15), I explored multiracial identity and kikokushijo for The Japan Times
  5. If you like time machines, here's a list of more things I've written.

You can always write me. Or teach me how to use twitter.

I make projects too.

  1. About those unicorns I mentioned. They write letters with questions about human life.
  2. And those fishbirds are living everywhere
  3. Also, silence-loving librarians tell us their favorite sounds
  4. And yes, you heard me mention that other thing, I write things and make things about death.
  5. In between naps and feedings, about creativity as a parent, and occasionally, when frustrated, about writing.

I keep making new things. This world is so full of things.

Visits & Teaching

I teach on mindfulness, empathy, writing, and silence, and I can't wait to share THE SOUND OF SILENCE with you at your school. I've taught writing for The Writing Faculty, Kikokushijo Academy and at The Kingsley Montessori School. I was thrilled to develop and teach a class on empathy at 826 Boston for MIT's The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values and WGBH Boston.

This is a randomizer. With each refresh, view past lives of mine.

  1. I worked as an on-camera TV reporter for NHK-World in Tokyo
  2. Once, I was a cryptozoologist and storyteller at the Bigfoot Research Institute
  3. I was an editor at the Drum Literary Magazine.
  4. Dame Judi Dench never met me, but she was the patron of The London Academy of Theater where I studied.
  5. My cat's name was Smokey Snowball.
  6. For a year and a half I danced in Megan Metcalf's 29 Friends.
  7. For Tokyo Art Beat I was once an editor.
  8. I was an Earhart Fellow in Journalism and Sociology at Boston University
  9. I collected oral histories of multiracial people for the Brooklyn Historical Society
  10. I was a Yellow Arrow Archer
  11. I played Fuego in Breath, Boom at the Huntington Theater
  12. I am a founding board member of Union Docs in Brooklyn
  13. I was in the original cast of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind in New York.
  14. I'm a graduate of the National Theater Institute, Fall '99
  15. I once gave out panini samples. For work. But mostly gave entire platters to homeless people. And nearly got fired.
  16. As a teenager I liked my parents.
  17. My novel in progress has unicorns and strange mourning rituals and So.Much.Tokyo.
  18. To date I've created 6 of my own mourning rituals.
  19. Salon Make is an awesome day long group art making project that you should be involved in. Write me.

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