Author. Artist. Fishbird. Unicorn

I make work for children, adults and once unicorns.

I write about loss, everyday grief and unexpected mourning.

I write about wonder.

Your being here is pretty wonderful.

Here goes. Writing. Just a small list.

  1. The Sound of Silence won the Northern California Book Award!
  2. The Sound of Silence popped up on NPR's Books of the Year List
    People Magazine's 12 Best Books of 2016, and Brainpickings' Best Children's Books of 2016
  3. Deep in two National Geographic anthologies you can find stories of my journeys around Japan.
  4. Or if you prefer a small town in Nicaragua, find me in The Christian Science Monitor.
  5. I circle around a lot of the same themes, for Boston's NPR, I explored multiracial identity and kikokushijo for The Japan Times
  6. If you like lists, here's a list of more things I've written.

You can always write me. Or teach me how to use twitter.

I make projects too.

  1. About those unicorns I mentioned. They write letters with questions about human life.
  2. About fishbirds, who are living everywhere
  3. Ever since learning about Pompeii in 4th grade, I've been interested in death.
  4. Between naps and feedings, I think about creativity as a parent
  5. And occasionally, when frustrated, I write about writing.

I keep making new things. This world is so full of things.

Visits & Teaching

I teach on mindfulness, empathy, writing, and silence, and I can't wait to share THE SOUND OF SILENCE with you at your school. I've taught writing for The Writing Faculty, Kikokushijo Academy and at The Kingsley Montessori School. I was thrilled to develop and teach a class on empathy at 826 Boston for MIT's The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values and WGBH Boston.

This is a randomizer. With each refresh, view past lives of mine.

  1. I worked as an on-camera TV reporter for NHK-World in Tokyo
  2. Once, I was a cryptozoologist and storyteller at the Bigfoot Research Institute
  3. I was an editor at the Drum Literary Magazine.
  4. Dame Judi Dench never met me, but she was the patron of The London Academy of Theater where I studied.
  5. My cat's name was Smokey Snowball.
  6. For a year and a half I danced in Megan Metcalf's 29 Friends.
  7. For Tokyo Art Beat I was once an editor.
  8. I was an Earhart Fellow in Journalism and Sociology at Boston University
  9. I collected oral histories of multiracial people for the Brooklyn Historical Society
  10. I was a Yellow Arrow Archer
  11. I played Fuego in Breath, Boom at the Huntington Theater
  12. I am a founding board member of Union Docs in Brooklyn
  13. I was in the original cast of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind in New York.
  14. I'm a graduate of the National Theater Institute, Fall '99
  15. I once gave out panini samples. For work. But mostly gave entire platters to homeless people. And nearly got fired.
  16. As a teenager I liked my parents.
  17. My novel in progress has unicorns and strange mourning rituals and So.Much.Tokyo.
  18. To date I've created 6 of my own mourning rituals.
  19. I made tea ceremonies for strangers at the Luggage Store Gallery.
  20. Salon Make is an awesome day long group art making project that you should be involved in. Write me.

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